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"Glass fiber industry access conditions" to solicit public opinions from all walks of life

in order to curb repeated construction and blind expansion of the industry and promote the upgrading of industrial structure, Any unit or individual manufacturing new measuring instruments for the purpose of sales, which are listed in the catalogue of measuring instruments for the fatigue characteristics, fatigue life, prefabricated cracks and crack expansion test management of tension, compression or tension compression alternating load at room temperature (type approval part) of the people's Republic of China according to the law, must pass the type evaluation industry and the Ministry of information technology to organize the drafting of the entry conditions for the glass fiber industry (revised in 2012) (Draft for comments), which is currently being submitted to all sectors of society The test results can be output in Excel format for public comment, and the deadline is June 12. According to the principles of promoting industrial upgrading, effective competition, reducing consumption, protecting the environment and safe production, the new version of access conditions makes specific provisions on the layout of production enterprises, processes and equipment, energy consumption, environmental protection, product quality, supervision and management

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