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The "access conditions" of the photovoltaic industry accelerate the rectification of enterprises

it was learned from the new energy department of the energy administration that the draft of the "access conditions for the solar photovoltaic industry" drafted by the Ministry of industry and information technology is expected to be discussed and approved recently, and the plan will be announced soon. According to insiders of the energy administration, "access conditions" is one of the first six supporting policies to be introduced after the State Council executive meeting determines the policies to support the photovoltaic industry, which is in line with the goal of eliminating backward production capacity

"access conditions" cover a wide range

it is reported that when the load can no longer rise, the draft access conditions clearly stipulate the enterprise's R & D capacity, production scale, shipment, market share at home and abroad, the number of patents and other aspects, including silicon rods, silicon wafers, batteries, crystalline silicon modules and thin-film solar cells

"access conditions" standard

enterprise capacity

it is understood that the draft of access conditions is proposed: the capacity of a certain link in silicon wafers, batteries and components in the same plant area of crystalline silicon enterprises is not less than 200mwp

Wang Runchuan, a former senior analyst at imsresearch who now works in Jingao, said in an interview that such modules will eventually be used in BMW's automobile manufacturing that 200MW should be increased to at least 500MW or even 1000MW. "Of course, scale is not the only threshold, but 200MW is really too low."

in terms of conversion efficiency of polycrystalline/monocrystalline silicon battery modules, it is proposed in the entry conditions that "the photoelectric conversion efficiency of polycrystalline silicon battery modules (full area) is more than 14%, and that of monocrystalline silicon battery modules is more than 15% Wang Runchuan said, "at present, the average efficiency of polycrystalline components in mainstream enterprises is more than 15% and that of single crystals is more than 16%, while this standard is completely 1% lower."

"access conditions" to accelerate enterprise consolidation

Ding Wenwu stressed that this "access conditions" is not an administrative license, but only stipulates the conditions that must be met for enterprises to enter this field from the perspective of industry development. Only by achieving this condition can we meet the trend of industrial development and have guiding significance for the industrial structure and the future development of enterprises. We should standardize it from the aspects of technical indicators, output indicators, environmental protection indicators and the indicators of the enterprise's own ability

at present, the photovoltaic market is chaotic, because of the lack of standards and uneven, resulting in overcapacity. Those with technology and those without technology also follow, resulting in a mass market situation

if the enterprise fails to meet these certification standards, it will not be able to obtain bank loans or start new projects. On the surface, it is cruel to enterprises. However, after careful consideration, it can be seen that policies are used to constrain enterprises, forcing uncompetitive or backward enterprises not to rush 145 buried unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) double wall corrugated pipes for drainage into the photovoltaic industry because of their interests, resulting in overcapacity and chaos in the market. Duantonggang, a spokesman for Hebei Jinglong group, told us, "there needs to be a standard to distinguish between good and bad."

Ding Wenwu: we don't approve whether they should invest in polysilicon products or photovoltaic industry. We don't have this limit. We just put forward the access conditions to let them refer to whether they should be involved in this project. Other relevant departments feel it is necessary to support this project. Only strict policies can help the market return to rationality


it is concluded that once this policy is issued, there will be many enterprises that are not up to standard. The greater the strength, the larger the machine, and the greater the bankruptcy. But on the other hand, enterprises will also start from themselves, find their own advantages and disadvantages, and constantly improve in the process of developing and expanding enterprises. Let outstanding enterprises stand out and lead the industry as "pacesetters". Zhonghua glass () Department

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