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Defend the earth! JCB mecha heroes beat the century monster

to defend the earth! JCB mecha heroes beat the century monster

China Construction Machinery letter 1 enterprise seeking: ① to create a harmonious enterprise, China Zhongwang has launched technical cooperation with many manufacturers such as brilliance bus (Dalian) Co., Ltd., 1 automobile bus, Huanghai bus, Xiamen Golden travel and so on, which is our highest pursuit of interest

recently, we received a report from the Chaoyang people that an unknown monster invaded the earth, with a ferocious face and huge size, and wantonly destroyed and plundered the property of earthlings, The force value explodes the table, and the combat effectiveness is super strong! The people on site are facing a threat to their lives

in an extremely urgent situation, the JCB super team quickly gathered, and four mecha soldiers quickly gathered to fight the enemy bravely! When the monster was about to rush into the crowd, and the lives of the people were in danger, they quickly formed a battle formation and cut in quickly, blocking the progress of the nameless monster's hooves

monster ferocity this new service enables Lubrizol to provide color matching for customers. Four JCB mecha soldiers are not afraid to attack the incoming enemy, fight and rush, and approach it to the open area to continue fighting

1. Within the range of 10 ℃ (3) 5 ℃ at room temperature,

after being led to the open area, the monster still doesn't shrink back and tries to fight back! My four heroes, JCB soldiers, are not afraid, never flinch, and bravely resist for the safety of people's lives and property

under the joint blocking and bashing of our JCB hero team, the monster gradually lost strength, and finally surrounded by our team, disarmed and surrendered

after the monster was subdued, the JCB hero team said that all members of the JCB would continue to work on their own to build a beautiful planet, protect it and maintain world peace

if the above plot is similar, it is pure coincidence. For a happy moment, please don't take your seat according to the number

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