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TMI testing instrument manufacturer acquires fibro system company

tmi group is a global manufacturer of testing instruments, which recently acquired fibro system company in Stockholm, Sweden

fibro system company has been established for more than 20 years, and the company has high repeatability due to continuous promotion of testing; The latter is famous for its new detection methods and means based on innovative technology. All products we develop are based on the concept of predictive quality control. We pay attention to the detection of dynamic indicators related to quality to avoid interference with the instrument; Therefore, it can ensure the stability of customer product quality. After joining TMI group, we can promote the products of fibro systems to a broader global market. Said coo Bernt bostr m of fibro systems

fibro system company was founded in 1988. The plastic parts around the engine are the most demanding. It is a manufacturer of quality control system. Its products are mainly used to detect the dynamic indicators of the material surface, including contact angle, adsorption capacity, density stability, smoothness, so as to drive the printing quality and humidity of BDO market

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