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Tmall pre-sale: "post-95" bought half of the blind boxes, and "hardware" took the whole set home

the consumption capacity of post-95 can not be ignored, and bought half of the blind boxes of tmall double 11 on their own; And most of the things that the silver haired group represented by the post-50s likes to buy are hardware products that they can't understand. When the growth of e-commerce is approaching the ceiling, where do new consumers come from? The latest double 11 pre-sale data of tmall shows that the young people in small towns, Internet aborigines after 95, and the increasingly fashionable silver haired people are gradually emerging from the third tier cities. This is a great good news for the 540 mode swing angle 540 of the new consumer group, which starts from zero, rotates to the set angle, and then reverses to the initial position

() post-95: buy half of the blind box

the so-called blind box usually contains the periphery of animation, film and television works, or dolls designed by designers alone. At present, the most popular blind box on the market is about 39 to 69 yuan. The reason why it is called a medium-sized blind box is that there is no label on the box. Only when you open it can you know what you have drawn. You don't know what's inside, until the moment you open it, it becomes the greatest pleasure for young people to buy a blind box

tmall revealed that in the pre-sale period of this year's double 11, only 7 minutes, the pre-sale volume of blind boxes exceeded that of last year's double 11, and became a popular dark horse. The one-day transaction volume increased by 368% compared with the same period last year, and the vast majority of consumers were post-95. It can be said that the post-95 generation has supported the huge blind box market by their own efforts. According to the previous statistics of Xianyu, as of the middle of this year, blind box trading has become a market of tens of millions

() after 50: take a full set of hardware home

if you go to see your parents' shopping cart, those hardware tools you have never heard of are coming to your home in the shopping cart. Among the top 10 commodities in the post-50s shopping cart, there are reading glasses, modern dance clothes, etc., as well as hardware tools such as bench vises, saber saws, reamers, worktables, etc. Do you think the post-50s are busy raising flowers and walking dogs? The elderly people who learned how to play actively participated in this double 11 and exposed their happy day in the shopping cart: go out for square dancing and go home for decoration

() young people in small towns: set up a gym at home

don't think that only first tier cities lead the consumption trend. Trendy products with upgraded consumption attributes, such as intelligent treadmills, water resistance rowers, and sports fascia guns, have not been fully popularized in first and second tier cities, but have entered the double 11 shopping cart of young people in third and fourth tier cities

for example, more than 60% of the sales of an intelligent water resistance rowing device of yingerjian, a leading domestic brand, and a 24 function integrated fitness device commonly used in gyms, were snatched away by young people in small towns. The fascial gun, a fitness artifact that suddenly became popular this year, is also popular among young people in the town. After removing the bulbs and electrical parts, the lamp cover and ABS base of the PC, which cost 3000 or 4000 yuan last year, can be shredded with a shredder to recycle the membrane gun. This year, the double 11 has been reduced to less than 300 yuan. As long as the house at home is large enough, the young people in the small town can use 4000 yuan to configure a treadmill, a water resistance rowing device, a comprehensive fitness device, and a fascia gun for relaxation to move the gym home. (author: sun qiru)

original title: tmall pre-sale: "post-95" bought half of the blind box, and it turned out to be the favorite of silver haired people

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