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Climbing the peak of science and technology and innovating modern equipment -- Interview with Mr. Jiang Weiwei, vice president of Shanghai JIERUN silk Co., Ltd.

Shanghai JIERUN silk new material Co., Ltd. is a new material enterprise funded by Shanghai Zhongda science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhongda printing and dyeing Material Industry Co., Ltd. with patented technology, famous trademarks and marketing channels. Like many well-known enterprises, it takes a path of continuous reform and innovation, seizing opportunities The road to success of self breakthrough. Recently, Zhonghua printing and dyeing came to Shanghai jierunsi to interview Mr. jiangweiwei, the executive vice president of the enterprise

the company develops in a concentric circle of industry and innovates a full set of water-saving, energy-saving, high-efficiency green processes and new materials that take into account economic and environmental benefits. At the same time, we should build an innovation ecological mechanism and form a two-level innovation system that combines ecological innovation at the technical level with ecological innovation at the management level. As the first unit to draft printing and dyeing standard technology in the industry, JIERUN silk has formulated 18 Shanghai enterprise standards, and formulated and submitted four national standards in 2007 and 2008, of which two standards were officially implemented on November 1, 2008. The standard names and numbers are respectively "textile flat printing photosensitive lotion" gb/t and "textile round printing photosensitive lotion". In 2009, jierunsi will work with the national printing new material center and professional committee to formulate new industry standardized, systematic and professional standards

seize the opportunity to build brand awareness

brand awareness is a solid foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises and a source of strength to base on the domestic market and enter the international market. A few years ago, China's printing and plate making photosensitive materials have been dependent on foreign imports. For many years, imported products have almost monopolized the Chinese market, and the price is extremely high. Jierunsi focused on this field, led the research and development team, and finally broke the monopoly of foreign products through continuous research, and developed a printing plate making photosensitive material with completely independent intellectual property rights. This large deformation and elongation product that will directly respond to the experiment not only filled the domestic technical gap with its excellent and stable quality and reasonable price, but also quickly occupied a dominant position in the domestic market, with a market share of 70%, The five-star red flags printed by Shanghai Qipeng factory are also printed with "jierunsi" materials. The products have been exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and other countries and regions, and continue to expand to the international market, which is called the "Normandy counterattack" in the printing and dyeing industry

self breakthrough technology creation achievements

speaking of the famous domestic printing plate making new materials, technical services and laboratory R & D bases, we have to mention Shanghai jierunsi new materials Co., Ltd

in the development of more than ten years, JIERUN silk has continuously developed new green printing and plate making materials that are pollution-free materials, energy-saving and environmental protection in the production process, convenient and environmental protection for customers, and can adapt to the printing process requirements of acid-base and different dye concentrations. With UV curing technology and original process system, it has good photosensitivity, convenient preparation, fast curing speed, short process, and good printing fastness, It does not contain volatile organic compounds of copper core tensile test machine, and has the characteristics of reducing heavy metal pollution and toxic solvent emission, with obvious environmental protection and energy-saving effects; It can adapt to electromechanical integration, digitization and laser technology, and is in line with the new development of imaging technology in the world. The company's series of products have successfully served more than 1000 domestic and nearly 200 overseas textile printing enterprises. President Jiang is full of confidence in the company's product technology. In February, 2007, at the national science and technology award conference, jierunsi's "polymer plate making photosensitive material" with completely independent intellectual property rights won the second prize of national technological invention. There is a saying in the industry that "if you can't solve the problem technically, find Zhongda jierunsi."

"win win is reflected in innovation"

if the win-win ◎ sample preparation instrument: using injection molding mechanism to obtain more than 5 standard samples or machining sample preparation planning is wisdom, then the win-win itself is the embodiment of great wisdom. The win-win situation of jierunsi reflects an innovative thinking. Jierunsi independently designed and developed on the basis of introducing foreign advanced technology. President Jiang said, "we must apply the innovative ideas in life to the idea of product research and development, and we must have our own innovative thinking. We pay attention to product research and development. Our products are wide and diverse, and rich products can enable us to choose the most appropriate products for customers according to their different requirements. Research and development does not necessarily directly transform market competitiveness, but can represent the achievements of an enterprise."

under the leadership of Pan Yuejin, chairman of the board, jierunsi introduced one component environmental friendly flat plate photosensitive materials and the only one component circular plate photosensitive materials in the world at present. It also developed inkjet, wax jet plate making materials and inks for digital printing to meet the needs of industrialization, and applied for the formulation of national standards. At the same time, it purchased a technology on the spot to continuously supply electronic, printing, ceramics, glass, signs Development and application of instruments and other industries

transnational cooperation - in order to better develop

and continue to carry out industrial chain technical cooperation with the world's top 500 enterprises, jierunsi has established a multidisciplinary laboratory network relying on domestic and foreign universities with its headquarters in Shanghai as the core; 34 technical service centers have been set up in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa, basically covering major customer regions, forming a transnational technical service network. At present, the company is cooperating with German high-tech enterprises to develop a new material energy conservation and emission reduction project. This product will be put on the market before the 2010 WorldExpo. Once the product is launched, it can not only reduce the environmental pollution caused by exhaust, but also reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles by 10%. President Jiang said in this interview, "absorb foreign technologies and markets, quote advanced technologies in their field, transform some of the markets they originally occupied into their own markets, speed up digestion and absorption, and combine the imported foreign technologies with digestion and absorption. The purpose of cooperation is to produce new products at the fastest speed."

in the nearly 30 minutes of communication, Zhonghua printing and dyeing can clearly feel the confidence of Vice President Jiang Weiwei in jierunsi's domestic and foreign markets, and feel the broad development space of jierunsi in the future. Vice President Jiang wants to gradually develop jierunsi to high-end products, internationalize and have more complete specifications and product lines in the next few years. Indeed, with high standards of technical quality, complete product lines, and influence in the industry, we have enough reason to believe that jierunsi created in the competition will go better and better in the future development

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