Yes, we can save the planet and recover from COVID

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Yes, we can save the planet and recover from COVID-19 at the same time - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted societies and economies around the globe, reminding us how daily life can be so fragileintensive_care_unit. As we fight through the recovery, our goal should not just be a renewed economy. We need to create new, resilient and sustainable communities everywhere. We must rebuild after the pandemic in a way that tackles a much more dangerous challenge for our future: climate change.

The COVID-19 crisis has given us a new chance to change economies in ways never thought possible before the lockdowns. We have a clearer picture of where to direct help — toward businesseshospitalizations in ontario, projectsAll participants i, innovations and research that prepare us for long-term challenges. We must support new industries and ideas that will be sustainable as we make a big transition to a carbon-free way of living and working.News Today || Canada News |?

The biggest mistake we could make today is to lower the priority of climate change in order to focus only on the economy during these tough times. The economy and climate action do not have to be addressed separatelyThe number will be lower Tuesday.. They can support and fuel one another as we create green communities in this make-or-break decade.?

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