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Russian media: China is expected to become a global AI trainer

International monograph: with the rapid development of Internet, AI is applied more and more in people's real life. Russia's "satellite news agency" said on October 10 that China is becoming a global factory of artificial intelligence and is expected to become a trainer in the field of global artificial intelligence. The following is a selection of the original text:

on May 17, the audience visited the deep blue underwater robot at the intelligent technology exhibition of Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center. Photo by Li Ran, Xinhua News Agency

earlier, China had proposed to become a world leader in artificial intelligence by 2030. By introducing machine learning and machine learning into the production process, some multinational enterprises expect that China's market has a strong potential for development, China's position in the global value chain will be significantly improved

around the world, especially in China, there has been a popular new occupation, that is, data annotation. The development of artificial intelligence is based on three main elements: hardware, software and data. To put it simply, the premise of artificial intelligence is to have advanced chips and software. In addition, it also needs data. The more data in the system, the smarter AI will be

however, while inputting a large amount of data into the artificial intelligence system, it is also necessary to ensure that the training of the system is within a controllable range. Facebook and Microsoft have had painful experiences in this regard. Due to the failure of chat robots, the two companies were forced to temporarily shut down their AI systems

in the data input stage, one must strictly control the input content. In addition, the input data of artificial intelligence must be marked. For example, to teach the machine to recognize the people in the photos, the inputter not only needs to upload various photos to the system, but also needs to mark the people in each photo. This process is not very complicated, but relatively monotonous and slow. The Chinese have long tried this. Data taggers have appeared in factories that used sewing machines to produce clothing 20 years ago

China Internet expert liuxingliang said in an interview with satellite news agency that China is expected to become a global AI factory and a base for AI development. China has made a good start in technology. Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent have become global leaders in artificial intelligence (especially driverless cars). In addition, China has the advantage of demographic dividend, and many people can engage in data processing. China has made remarkable achievements in speech input, intelligent payment, face recognition, unmanned aerial vehicle applications in agriculture and other fields. Therefore, it can be said that although China may not be a new leader in cutting-edge technology innovation, it is expected to become a trainer for the development of global AI. (Peng Simin's sample cutting, measurement and experiment should be stopped continuously by Shandong innovation group or just by making conventional aluminum alloy materials)

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