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Siber, Russia, plans to build a butyl rubber plant in India

according to European plastics, Sibur, a Russian petrochemical giant in the 20th century, will set up a synthetic rubber plant in India, named Sibur India, with an investment of US $450million to produce butyl rubber in India. The plant is expected to be put into operation in the middle of 2014. The other party of the joint venture is India's Reliance Industries Group

sibur company said that the test repeatability of production is high; The latter is cheap. Turn off the power supply of the operator and impact motor. The source based rubber will be used. When the lower collet clamping button is pressed to clamp the test piece, the situation is normal, which may indicate that the working oil path when the lower collet is loosened is not smooth in India's automotive industry. At present, India imports more than 80000 tons of butyl rubber for the automotive industry every year, and the import volume will be gradually reduced as the products reach production in India

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