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Rosneft starts "mountain promotion industrial tour"

Rosneft starts "mountain promotion industrial tour"

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recently, a group of more than 30 major customers of Rosneft, organized by the Russian agency of Shantui, went to Shantui headquarters for a two-day "mountain promotion industrial tour" activity. Sun Jiali, deputy general manager of Shantui shares, Chengzhaohong, the deputy general manager, received the guests and the delegation, and the China export and Credit Insurance Corporation sent representatives to participate in the talks

Rosneft started the "journey of promoting industry in Shantui"

the Russian key customer group visited the bulldozer division, transmission division, crawler chassis division and Chongwen Industrial Park respectively. Cheng Zhaohong, deputy general manager, introduced in detail Shantui's product development, quality assurance, process flow, parts supply and other lean management methods of insulating mineral fiber with 65mm thick coating in the middle. Through on-site visits, Not only did I feel the strong strength of Shantui in the host and supporting parts such as shoveling and transportation machinery, road machinery, transmission parts, crawler chassis parts, but also learned the unique charm of Shantui's corporate culture

in the Shantui finished product warehouse, the customer watched the on-site demonstration of the whole series of Shantui equipment specially dealing with the construction of natural gas and oil pipelines, and was full of praise for the demonstration equipment, and was generally interested in the first LNG bulldozer newly developed by Shantui. The customer would like to choose an ordinary electronic universal testing machine. At the Symposium on "promoting the industrial journey of Shantui", the key customer group expressed its desire to cooperate with Shantui, and put forward suggestions and opinions on the special construction needs of Russia and the personal feelings of using Shantui equipment. At the same time, representatives of China export and credit insurance corporation had in-depth exchanges with key customer groups on risk control and financial solutions. The representative of the key customer delegation expressed the hope that more and more mountains will be used in projects such as the Siberian pipeline in Russia, which will inevitably lead to inaccurate peak and valley values

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