Current situation and new technology of the hottes

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Current situation and new technology of crawler crane (3)

2.4 electrical control

(1) electronic control of hydraulic system

the control mode of hydraulic system has developed from open proportional valve controlled variable system to open-close combined or fully closed electric proportional pump controlled variable system, with more stable transmission and compact structure. And the hydraulic system, engine, state and safety protection monitoring, limit load control have all adopted data bus electronic control. All companies have also developed their own electronic control systems, such as epic control system of manitowac company, liccon control system of Liebherr company, and IC-1 control system of Terex Demag company

(2) the torque limiter promotes the plastic and packaging industry to move towards the high-end wireless sensor mode

there are many ways to arrange the force sensor of the moment limiter, which is usually placed in the luffing system, that is, the connection between the luffing pull plate and the mast (or A-frame), and the tension sensor or pin shaft sensor can be used. Manitowac company adopts the latest wireless tension sensor for steel wire rope, which is directly connected with the wedge sleeve of steel wire rope. Due to the wireless sensor, it is not limited by the arm length, which has been applied in its 555, 16000, 18000 new products

analyzer and impact testing machine, where: s-shrinkage; D-die size; M-plastic size comparison

(3) large screen display and multiple camera monitors

from the perspective of humanization, the use of large screen color screen can display more information, including hoisting state parameters, mechanism working parameters, fault diagnosis, alarm tips, and more importantly, it can carry out hoisting condition selection and simulation demonstration, and even reduce the friction resistance to achieve three-dimensional simulation demonstration. Another safety consideration is multiple cameras for monitoring, and multiple monitors are placed in the cab for real-time display. For example, Liebherr's lr1750 product has five cameras: one on both sides of the rear of the turntable, which is convenient for viewing the rear when turning; One on the turntable, which is convenient for viewing the winch rope arrangement; One is set at the winch of the bottom boom and super lift mast to check the rope wrapping. The use of various electronic eyes greatly reduces the working intensity of operators and improves work safety

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