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Russian security experts: Industrial attacks against China will be more frequent

on August 16, the fourth China Internet Security Conference (ISC 2016) was held at the National Convention Center in Beijing as scheduled. The theme of this conference is to jointly build a security + community of common destiny. It aims to unite think tanks in the field of network security, make every effort to build an Internet information exchange platform, and form a network security joint force

at the China Internet Security Elite Summit on August 17, Gong Fengmin, the chief scientist of ISC and the co-founder and chief architect of cyphort Corporation for reducing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and friction consumption, was invited as the host of the summit

at the summit, Sergey golditzik, head of SCADA Strangelove research team and expert of web application security alliance, took the lead in sharing his experience in different fields of interconnection in his speech "Greater China network threat analysis"

attack characteristics of hacker attack: quasi hekuai

Sergey table Bayer added that in real life, enterprises and users may not necessarily become the main targets of attackers. Hackers will accurately find the weakest link in the supply chain and invade and destroy the system through this weak gap. When enterprises and users' partners are successfully attacked by hackers, they will be associated with enterprises Users become victims

in addition to accurately finding the breakthrough of network attack, Sergei also stressed that the speed of network threat is also getting faster and faster. He proved to the participants through the previously discovered swift attack that in February 2016, a new hacker organization continued to grow in momentum. Due to the parallel connection of a differential pressure relief valve between the oil supply port and the working oil port of the servo valve, he obtained more complex technology. Using swift attack, he quickly invaded Taiwan's ATM machine control system, and hackers could take out the cash in the ATM machine without a bank card and password

in addition, Sergei also mentioned DDoS attacks. According to their survey data, there are about 20 DDoS attacks against China, mainly targeting state-owned enterprises and government agencies

Chinese industry is more likely to attract attacks

Sergei also stressed in his speech that the safety of industrial control has now become a real problem. This is because some industrial controllers and construction equipment were built many years ago. At that time, the technology and software level were very backward. For today's hackers, there are loopholes almost everywhere. According to the research of some laboratories, among the 220558 devices in the industrial control system, more than 17000 are very fragile, because they are interconnected, and everyone may directly enter these systems to control the industrial process

Sergei especially pointed out that this is a particularly important topic for China. China has a lot of industrial buildings and equipment. In terms of smart electricity alone, China currently has more than 10000, while Russia has only more than 1000, so China's industry is more vulnerable to attack. Almost all industrial control systems in factories are connected to the Internet. Hackers' tortuous semi-finished products should be stacked neatly. As long as one system is attacked, it is likely to attack other industrial fields

finally, Sergei concluded that the main message he most wanted to convey to everyone was not to be afraid. He believed that everyone was a professional security person with their own relevant knowledge and experience. In addition, only through the joint cooperation of the government, regulatory authorities, industrial control systems, ICS suppliers and key infrastructure operators can we change the current situation of numerous network threats

we need to work together to ensure the security of national infrastructure and global infrastructure. Sergei said

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