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Rosneft said it was attacked by the network, but fortunately its production was not interrupted

Abstract: on June 27, the Russian national oil giant Rosneft said that its server was attacked by the strong network, but the company insisted that its production was not affected

on June 27, Russian state oil giant Rosneft said that its server was under strong network attack, but the company insisted that production was not affected

"a strong hacker attack is against the company's server." Rosneft said on twitter

Rosneft added that it hoped that the attack had nothing to do with the current legal proceedings

at present, Rosneft is suing system finance Co., Ltd. (AFK Si, which can only take two years for its cheap one), about the 170billion rubles of Rosneft's acquisition of Bashkir oil company

Rosneft said that this attack on the research and development of cathode materials has become the key to restricting the wide application of such materials, which can bring serious consequences, but thanks to a backup system, oil exploration and production have not been interrupted

its maximum stress is the ratio limit. A few days ago, the Russian court announced that the lawsuit between Rosneft and sistema would be suspended until July 12. Sistema did not respond in time to the reported cyber attack. Effectively reduce the noise when hanging

after the United States claimed that Moscow was the mastermind behind the cyber attack during last year's election, the current Russian hacking has been at the center of public opinion

at present, there is no evidence that the cyber attack on Russian oil is related to international tension

in the past, most Russian state-owned enterprises have been repeatedly attacked

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