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The current situation and market analysis of large format printing and packaging equipment

the development and evolution of large format printing machines

the R & D and manufacturing of large format sheet fed printing machines in China began in the early 1980s. At that time, it was mainly aimed at the actual situation of low efficiency and long publishing cycle of books and periodicals printing. Beiren and Shangren (the predecessor of Shanghai Gauss) developed full sheet fed double-sided lithographic printing machines respectively, And has been introduced to the market, when beiren has formed a mass production scale. However, with the high production efficiency of web printing machines for books and periodicals entering the market in batches, the full sheet double-sided printing machine gradually loses its leading role. At present, the double-sided printing machine only sells well and undertakes the task of printing small and medium batches of books and periodicals. According to relevant statistics in 2003, the national book printing enterprises have 103 full-size double-sided printing machines, 95 full-size four-color and above sheet fed printing machines, 56 full-size two-color sheet fed printing machines, and 57 full-size single-color sheet fed printing machines. For a period of time, no domestic manufacturer has produced full sheet fed printing machines, and the large format multi-color printing machines used for packaging and printing can only rely on imports. Gaobao large format printing equipment has entered the Chinese market for 13 years and has been installed in China for more than 50 sets

with the development of packaging and printing industry and the large import of large format printing equipment, domestic printing machinery manufacturing enterprises began to produce the so-called small full sheet printing equipment, which sold well in the market for several years. This kind of equipment can not be regarded as a large format or full format sheet fed printer, because the concept of small format sheet is that compared with 08 machine, 05 machine, double-sided printing and other equipment, the maximum paper format of these three types of equipment is 620920mm, and the maximum paper format of small format sheet is 7201040mm. This printing format is suitable for the specification of B1 paper, while the full format, large format and extra large format should meet the specification of more than A0 and B0 paper. During this period, beiren group and Shanghai Gauss have launched 720104 internal testing. Another reason is that the multi-color sheet fed printing machine with improved process control and 0mm size has been selling well and has become a high-end backbone printing equipment in China. The true large format sheet fed multi-color printing machine appeared at the 6th International Printing Technology Exhibition in 2005. Beiren group and Jiangsu Changsheng group exhibited this series of products, and Henan Xinji company also launched the same products in 2006 after the exhibition. However, at present, the market of this product is still occupied by foreign countries

current situation of large format printing equipment market

since the beginning of the 21st century, the time has come to apply large format printing equipment for packaging printing. On the one hand, it can double the production efficiency of packaging printing, on the other hand, it can solve the problems of splicing and bonding of larger packaging cartons, thus greatly increasing the market demand for color cartons, On the other hand, the reason is that the diameter of the embossing cylinder and the paper transfer cylinder of the large format printing machine is large. Most of the equipment adopts the double diameter cylinder, which increases the radius of curvature of the cylinder. It is suitable for printing micro corrugated board and paperboard. It can print the thickness of paper that the original folio sheet printing machine cannot print, so it is favored by printing and packaging enterprises

gaobao company, a major international supplier of printing machinery and equipment, focuses on the sales of large format sheet fed printing machines in China. The maximum paper size has reached 1300~1620mm. In 2003, 80 printing units of this specification were put on the market in China (data released by gaobao company). Recently, gaobao also launched the world's largest ultra large format printing machine, with the largest paper size of 1300 1850mm and 15102050mm. According to the information released by gaobao company, it was originally estimated that 10 sets would be sold in the Chinese market every year. In fact, 20 sets were sold in 2005, and it is expected to reach 40 sets in 2006. This round of large format packaging and printing equipment first entered the Chinese market in 2001. Then, a packaging enterprise in Shenzhen imported a 162a single sheet fed multi-color printing machine with a maximum paper format of 1200 1620mm. Since then, the market of such large format printing machines has been basically occupied by gaobao company. At the 6th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition in 2005, in addition to participating in 520 and 1050mm sheet fed lithography machines, gaobao company also exhibited for the first time in China gaobao libida 162a super large format multi-color lithography machine, which is equipped with advanced technologies such as micro corrugated printing device with printing thickness up to 1.2mm, shaftless paper feeding device, automatic plate loading device, automatic cleaning roller device and so on. At this exhibition, MAN Roland also exhibited a second dentalltclear, which is mainly characterized by its long-term biocompatibility. Roland900xl large format printer, with a specification of 1300 1850mm and a speed of 10000 sheets/hour, has been sold in China. It is also revealed that Heidelberg has begun to build a large-scale large format printing machine assembly plant, which is expected to be officially put into production in September 2007, when it is ready to produce xuba xl142 and XL162 large format printing machines

with the development of packaging and printing industry and the increasing demand for large format printing equipment, domestic printing machinery manufacturing enterprises have launched a real large format sheet fed two-color printing machine before 2005, whose size meets the specification of 1020140 (or 1420) mm for packaging and printing. Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Changsheng Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. respectively launched a large-scale full sheet series of sheet fed printing machines, which caused great shock in the industry. This year, Henan Xinji group also launched equipment of this specification, thus filling the domestic gap. As the state cancels the policy of duty-free import of sheet fed printing machines, the price and service advantages of domestic enterprises producing such equipment will be further brought into play. This is a rare historical opportunity and will have a positive impact on the development of printing equipment. Of course, domestic large format printing equipment has just passed the trial production stage, and there is still a large gap compared with foreign advanced products in terms of industrialization level, automation level, double-sided printing, printing format specification, stability, reliability, etc., and it will take time for it to really open the market

leading role of large format printing equipment

recently, some printing and packaging enterprises in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong have introduced large format sheet fed multi-color printing machines, including Taizhou forest color printing and packaging Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huali Packaging Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pudong Jinfeng printing factory, Shenzhen Huayang Printing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jiashan people's printing and packaging Co., Ltd Suzhou Dongyi packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. At present, most of the enterprises using this large format printing equipment are packaging and printing enterprises, which are mainly used for the printing of color packaging cartons. Of course, this kind of equipment has long been equipped in book printing enterprises, posters and advertising printing enterprises, but it is widely used in the printing and packaging industry. While improving the production efficiency and printing quality of color cartons, it will certainly promote the development of domestic large format sheet fed printing equipment industry

there is also a potential market related to large format printing equipment that cannot be ignored, that is, large format photographic plate making and Laser Phototypesetting industries will be developed, including large format laser Phototypesetter, plate printing, washing and baking linkage machine and other equipment will be developed. After solving the problem of large format printing machine, there will be processing bottlenecks in the post press processing equipment. For example, the maximum size of the domestic full-automatic flat press die-cutting machine is 920~1670mm, and the maximum size of the full-automatic corrugated paper die-cutting machine can only be 1620mm. Obviously, it can not meet the requirements of die-cutting and molding of large bread packaging materials, and can only be replaced by the backward equipment such as flat press indentation cutting machine (tiger mouth), This kind of equipment can reach 1400 2000mm at most in China; This material has higher impact strength and can withstand the high thermal deformation temperature under load. The pasting width of the box can be 600~1380mm. Generally, it can only complete the general side pasting, side pasting on both sides, bottom pasting and other operations of the carton. The maximum size of the carton can be 1000 1750mm. In addition, there are plate printing machines (up to 1000 1300mm), embossing machines, embossing machines, laminating machines (up to 1100 1300mm), polishing machines, calendering machines, automatic paper mounting machines (up to 1450 1600mm), paper cutting machines (up to 2000mm) and other equipment that do not adapt to large format printing equipment and cannot meet the development of packaging carton production, It needs to further adapt to the rapid growth of large format printing equipment

The development of color packaging carton industry has promoted the rise of large format printing equipment and entered the packaging field, while driving the rapid development of pre press and post press equipment. Domestic Indians can accurately and approximately imitate the external environmental conditions that engineering products bear in the process of use, storage, transportation, etc. brush machinery manufacturing enterprises should recognize this development trend, timely enter the development and manufacturing market of large-scale related equipment, and promote the development of packaging color carton industry

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