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The current situation and market development prospect of China's printing cot industry

it has been more than two months since the 20o6 international all printing exhibition, the largest comprehensive printing exhibition in China this year. What made a special impression on the industry insiders at this all printing exhibition was the overall prosperity of domestic printing machine manufacturers, except for the strategic absence of several major European manufacturers who used to play a leading role. As a professional manufacturer of cots, which is one of the most important consumables in offset printing machines, our use of new materials from Germany's b0tt Cher company in socks undoubtedly puts forward new technical requirements and difficult high-profile strong development for many production enterprises, and we can't help paying more attention

from the perspective of peers or bravely stand on the position of competitors to pay attention to boxing. In addition to hoping to get a few more shares in the domestic rubber roller market, which is a mixture of heroes and dragons, we mainly want to combine our company's product characteristics with current users and potential users in the future to find out the positioning of the enterprise and seek common development. So, what is the general pattern of the current domestic printing cot market

in the view of cot manufacturers, the so-called market, namely cot users, can be roughly divided into two categories: one is various printing enterprises with a large number of but small orders per time, and the other is printing machine manufacturers with a limited number of but large batch orders. Their requirements for cots are basically the same

1. rubber material

the quality of printing cots depends first on the rubber material, followed by post-processing. Offset printing water rollers have been used directly to achieve ink and water balance since they were used to wrap water jackets in the past, and the progress of materials has played a decisive role. In the past, because domestic cots were mainly used in O1, 05 and 08 machines, there has been no effort to develop the cots for alcohol dampening. The reason for its production was analyzed, so that all the cots for high-end printing machines came from imports. With the continuous improvement of domestic market requirements, domestic printing equipment manufacturers have also developed high-end printing machines. Due to the high price of imported cots, and the strong market demand, a large number of cot manufacturers rushed to produce alcohol fountain cots, but the rubber materials they used were obviously lack of test, and the quality of the cots produced was not satisfactory. Judging from the current domestic market, there are only a few rubber roller manufacturers with their own brand of rubber. Almost all of them are agents of famous foreign rubber roller companies. The rubber rollers produced with these rubber materials can ensure the best printability

2. Service life

about the service life, the manufacturer and the user have different understanding of it, and the differences between them directly create the so-called grade theory of cots. In fact, many times this is related to the publicity, guidance and related supporting services of manufacturers. On the whole, the advantages of imported original brands and joint venture brands are obvious

3. Product price

price is always the core topic of cot products. In a sense, it affects the survival and development of a cot enterprise. However, the difference in the affordability of different types of users directly determines the status of cot manufacturers. Those enterprises that have confidence in their products and services do not worry about price competition at all

4. delivery cycle

except for a few enterprises with good planning, almost all rubber roller users are very concerned about the delivery date of products, mainly because they do not know the production law of rubber rollers, but this mood is beyond reproach. Although this behavior sometimes brings trouble to those production enterprises that strictly abide by the process requirements, as users, their requirements are not unreasonable

5. Supporting services

for those long-term rolling printing enterprises in the industry, it is difficult for users to maintain long-term trust in products if cot manufacturers only sell their products and lack supporting products and measures related to the use and maintenance of cots, even if the price is relatively cheap

in fact, fundamentally speaking, these suppliers and their users pursue the same goal, that is, to ensure high-quality printing and stable performance of cots. To this end, it has become the basis for the interaction between the supply and demand sides to make every effort to expand high-end customers and strive to seek high cost-effective cots

in this competition for the domestic high-end market, the original rubber roller suppliers represented by Germany boxing have seized most of the market share with the advantage of entering the Chinese market first and leading technical experience. Although the price is expensive, the super long service life and super stable performance are really admired by users

secondly, the cots of Sino foreign joint ventures are favored. Their products also have the advantages of long service life, good printability, simple adjustment and operation, and their cost performance is particularly outstanding, which is of great importance to users. For example, the technology research group combines reality, such as Shanghai Baochi Chunlei rubber roller Co., Ltd., a Sino Japanese joint venture, accurately grasps the pulse of the market, stands out from many domestic competitors with professional manufacturing technology, takes its own market share and becomes the best among them without dispute. They take the three major products with exclusive production authorization as their trump card, carry the qualifications of printing manufacturers of three major brands, such as Ryno ink roller of aft 0n company in the United States, hydro metri C water roller and trust-b common oily/UV dual-use rubber roller of techno-ro11 company in Japan, and rely on a full set of imported raw materials, processes, equipment and testing means to try to fill the gap in the fields of plate roller, alcohol roller and common/UV dual-use roller that make domestic manufacturers feel difficult. In particular, trust-b soft resin roller, which has been widely used in UV printing in Japan, has few competitors in China because of its excellent printing adaptability and almost no swelling material characteristics, and has become a must for many UV printing users; At the same time, tru st-b rubber rollers are very suitable for can making printing. Sanhe industry, one of the three largest can making companies in South Korea, uses trust-b rubber for all rubber rollers

in addition, there are some domestic rubber roller manufacturers. Although they are inferior to foreign competitors in technology and experience, they still occupy more than half of the domestic market, and their product selling point is price advantage. Among them, several rubber roller manufacturers, such as Jizhou in Hebei Province and Dongguan in Guangdong Province, are constantly seeking new breakthroughs in order to defend their market share

while carefully preparing their own products, those manufacturers who are well aware of the importance of supporting services also spare no effort to provide their users with help in the use of cots and maintenance. After the establishment of boxing factory in China, it not only eased the contradiction of long delivery cycle in the past, but also made it faster and more convenient to give users comprehensive management. Baochi, relying on the strong backing of the group company and the effective linkage with well-known ink manufacturers, provides users with the most appropriate cot cleaning and maintenance products and suggests the most reasonable and correct use methods. These measures eliminate users' uneasiness and doubts to the greatest extent

the few foreign manufacturers and joint ventures, together with the so-called high-end customer group that they serve, cannot be regarded as the mainstream, obviously cannot cover the current situation of the entire printing cot industry. In the view of producers, they must not turn a blind eye to a large number of middle and low-end customers. At present, a large number of small family workshop factories manufacture rubber cots for these enterprises. With the existing raw material formula and process level of these manufacturers, they can only provide the market with "seemingly God like" products. But there is no doubt that the vast market of small and medium-sized enterprises is in their hands, and they are constantly using cost advantages to erode the market of large enterprises. Due to the relatively good sales of printing cots, some latecomers will join the industry one after another

accurately grasping the current market is undoubtedly an important foundation for exploring the future. For domestic rubber roller enterprises that are determined to expand high-end users, they really have a long way to go. Even manufacturers with distinctive characteristics in front of M, such as Baochi, are not able to compete at the same level in the face of international enterprises such as boxing. There may be various reasons why domestic rubber roller manufacturers cannot compete with foreign manufacturers in high-end fields such as alcohol dampening rollers for offset lithography machines, water ink rollers for high-speed rotary machines, and rollers for uy printing to resolve excess capacity. Among them, the key factor is that the manufacturing level of domestic printing machinery has not yet made a breakthrough. With several major international printing machine manufacturers coming to China to produce machines, while the manufacturing level of domestic printing machines has been improved, domestic rubber roller factories will certainly be able to get opportunities to improve

domestic manufacturers are making continuous progress in various ways. As more and more foreign rubber roller manufacturers enter the Chinese market, domestic enterprises will certainly complete their own transformation in the process of striving for living space, and domestic users will get greater benefits. This transformation depends on the change of the enterprise's own concept and the improvement of its level. To a large extent, it also depends on whether users understand and support them enough. Strive to track new technologies and trends, develop new materials, reduce costs, improve quality, strengthen services, and grow with users. The prospects of domestic cots and domestic cot enterprises must be broad. ※

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