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The current situation and new technology of packaging bottle cap

I. packaging bottle cap and its development trend

in the face of a wide variety of beverages and various wines in the market, its packaging has already become a highlight that attracts people's attention. The exquisite design, especially the bottle shape caused by the key links in the implementation and utilization of new materials, add a lot of color to them. Perhaps you have never noticed that bottle cap, as a small part of packaging, is also crucial to ensure product quality and shape product personality

as a part of packaging, wine bottle cap has two main functions: first, sealing, which protects wine, which is the most basic function of bottle cap and the easiest for manufacturers to do; Second, aesthetics. As an integral part of packaging, small bottle caps can make the finishing point. At present, some manufacturers overemphasize that the anti-counterfeiting effect is closely related to its technical content in the selection of bottle caps, but the decisive role is not the product itself, but the national laws and regulations and consumers' self-protection awareness. In recent years, the anti-counterfeiting of alcohol products has been paid more and more attention by manufacturers. As a part of packaging, the anti-counterfeiting function and production form of wine bottle caps are also developing towards diversification and upscale. Twist type, open type, singing, speaking, multiple anti-counterfeiting wine bottle caps are widely used by manufacturers. Although the functions of anti-counterfeiting bottle caps are constantly changing, there are mainly two kinds of materials used, namely aluminum and plastic

throughout foreign wine packaging bottle caps, their characteristics are colorful and stable. Most of them use aluminum bottle caps, which are simple in shape and fine in manufacture. Advanced printing technology makes them consistent in color and exquisite in pattern, giving people a delicate and elegant feeling. The bottle cap style mostly adopts the traditional mode, with few changes. For example, the bottle cap of Scotch whisky, which is pure black with golden words, gives people a sense of simplicity, elegance and lasting enjoyment, and plays its due role as a logo

II. The dispute between aluminum bottle caps and plastic bottle caps

(I) the development status of packaging bottle caps in China

at present, most of the packaging of Baijiu, wine, medicinal wine and beverages in China is still mainly glass bottles, so many bottle caps are made of aluminum. At present, there are tens of thousands of alcohol production plants in China, including nearly 30 Baijiu bottle cap production lines, which can produce nearly 100 kinds of bottle caps, with an output of more than 5 billion. According to relevant experts, China's anti-theft bottle caps will increase at a rate of 10% per year. It is estimated that about 15billion anti-theft bottle caps will be needed in 2010, and about 53500 ~ 60000 tons of aluminum plates will be consumed

since the mid-1990s, the plastic anti-theft cover has been used to replace the aluminum cover for PET bottled drinks produced by Coca Cola company, thus pushing the plastic anti-theft cover to the front stage of beverage packaging. Since then, domestic powerful packaging enterprises and beverage manufacturers have introduced foreign equipment and began the large-scale production and application of plastic anti-theft covers. Nowadays, the plastic anti-theft bottle cap, which is light and easy to open, is not only convenient for consumers, but also accelerates the development of the beverage industry

at present, due to the rare performance of models in the domestic beverage industry and the fierce competition in the market, many well-known enterprises are adopting the latest production processes and equipment, so that China's capping machinery and plastic capping production technology have reached the world's advanced level. For example, sacm in the test I, Alcoa husky, Demag, nestal, Engel and other world-famous capping machines have entered China. At the same time, in the field of plastic bottle cap production, the debate between injection molding and compression molding technology has also kicked off. Technological innovation is undoubtedly the driving force for the rapid development of plastic anti-theft covers

(II) aluminum anti-theft bottle cap

aluminum anti-theft bottle cap is delicately processed from high-quality special aluminum alloy materials. It is mainly used for the packaging of alcohol, beverages (including steam and without steam) and medical and health care products, and can meet the special requirements of high-temperature cooking and sterilization

aluminum bottle caps are mostly processed on production lines with a high degree of automation, so the requirements for material strength, elongation and dimensional deviation are very strict, otherwise cracks or creases will occur during processing. In order to ensure that the bottle cap is easy to print after forming, the plate surface of the bottle cap material is required to be flat and free of rolling marks, scratches and stains. Generally, the alloy state used is 8011-h14, 3003-h16, etc. the material specification is generally 0.20mm ~ 0.23mm thick and 449mm ~ 796mm wide. Aluminum bottle cap materials can be produced by hot rolling or continuous casting and rolling, and then cold rolling. At present, the production plants of anti-theft cover materials in China mostly use continuous casting and rolling billets, which is better than casting and rolling billets

(III) plastic anti-theft bottle cap

plastic bottle cap has complex structure and anti backflow function. Its surface treatment methods are diverse, with strong three-dimensional sense and unique and novel appearance, but its inherent defects cannot be ignored. Because the glass bottle adopts the hot forming process, the size error of the bottle mouth is large, and it is difficult to achieve high sealing. Relevant packaging experts pointed out that due to strong static electricity, plastic bottle caps are easy to absorb dust in the air, and it is difficult to remove the debris generated during ultrasonic welding. At present, there is no complete solution to the problem of alcohol pollution caused by plastic debris. In addition, in order to reduce costs, individual plastic bottle cap manufacturers adulterate raw materials to make them fake, and the sanitary situation is worrying. Because part of the bottle cap is connected with the glass bottle mouth and is not easy to recycle, environmental protection experts believe that its pollution to the natural environment is obvious. In addition, the cost of plastic bottle caps is about twice or even more than that of aluminum bottle caps

in comparison, aluminum anti-theft bottle caps can overcome the above shortcomings of plastic bottle caps. Aluminum anti-theft cap has simple structure, strong adaptability and good sealing effect. Compared with plastic cap, aluminum cap is not only superior in performance, but also can be manufactured mechanically and in large scale, with low cost, no pollution, and can be recycled. If special and advanced printing methods are adopted, not only colorful patterns can be printed, but also the anti-counterfeiting effect is very good. Of course, the aluminum bottle cap also has some defects, such as different colors on the side of the bottle cap, easy to produce paint falling phenomenon, and lack of change in appearance, but these problems can be solved technically

$page break $3. Criteria for judging the advantages and disadvantages of beer bottle caps

the main functions of beer bottle caps are: first, they have a certain degree of tightness to ensure that the CO2 in the bottle does not leak and the external oxygen does not penetrate, so as to maintain the freshness of beer; Second, the gasket material is non-toxic, safe and hygienic, which will not have any impact on the flavor of beer and maintain the taste of beer; Thirdly, the trademark of the bottle cap is well printed, which plays an important role in beer brand, advertising and product maintenance; Fourth, when the brewery uses the bottle cap, the bottle cap can be suitable for the high-speed filling machine, and the lower cap is unobstructed to reduce the cap damage and wine damage

at present, the criteria for judging the advantages and disadvantages of beer bottle caps are as follows:

(I) tightness: 1. Instantaneous pressure: instantaneous pressure ≥ 10kg/cm2; 2. Chronic air leakage: according to the standard test, the chronic air leakage rate is ≤ 30%

(II) gasket odor: it is safe, hygienic and non-toxic. Do the flavor test of the gasket. Cook with pure water, and it is qualified if there is no odor. After use, the odor of the gasket cannot migrate to the wine, causing any impact on the flavor of beer

(III) bottle cap characteristics: 1. The paint film loss value of bottle cap, the requirement of high-quality products is ≤ 16mg, and the paint film loss value of tin plated iron bottle cap and chromium plated iron bottle cap of full color is ≤ 20mg; 2. The corrosion resistance of the bottle cap must not only meet the copper sulfate inspection without obvious rust spots, but also delay the rusting in the normal process of use

(IV) bottle cap appearance: 1. The trademark text is correct, the pattern is clear, the color difference range is small, and the color and luster between batches is stable; 2. The pattern position is in the middle, and the center distance of the deviation range is ≤ 0.8mm; 3. The bottle cap shall be free of burrs, defects, cracks, etc; 4. The bottle cap gasket is formed completely, without defects, foreign matters and oil stains

(V) bonding fastness and promotion requirements of gaskets:

1 The adhesive fastness of the gasket of the promotional bottle cap is appropriate. It is generally not easy to peel off the gasket except that it is required to peel off the gasket. The gasket does not naturally separate after pasteurization; 2. Generally, the adhesive fastness of bottle caps is appropriate, and high-quality bottle caps can pass nits (material mechanics test)

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(I) compression molding cap making, leading the development of cap making in the future

compression molding process is to put quantitative materials into the upper and lower molds, and the upper and lower molds are closed, that is, the processing of materials is completed, then cooled, demoulded, and cap making is completed. The capping process of injection molding is like injection. The material is pushed to the gap of the mold until the gap is filled, and then cooled and demoulded to complete capping

continuous com - pressionmolding (CCM) is a new manufacturing process of plastic products in recent 10 years. It poses a strong challenge to the hundred year old traditional injection molding (IM). In terms of energy consumption, material consumption and comprehensive cost of environmental protection, in the beverage industry, plastic capping is undoubtedly the development direction of capping methods at present and in the future. At present, pressed plastic covers account for more than 80% of Coca Cola, uni president and Master Kong; Wahaha's tea drinks and soft drinks, Huiyuan PET bottled fruit juice and so on have reached 100%. The pressure plastic capping process accounts for 70% of the global share and more than 60% of China's share. Although the injection molding machine has adopted price reduction and various preferential promotions, the development momentum of cover making by compression molding process has not decreased. After 2001, Chinese customers purchased more compression molding equipment than injection molding equipment

(II) single piece hot filling cap, low cost

because the bottle mouth tolerance is difficult to control to the predetermined range, almost 100% of crystalline pet hot filling bottles need to use two pieces of cap to match it. At the end of the last century, many enterprises tackled key problems and tried to replace them with single-chip covers

since 2002, the price of petrochemical raw materials worldwide has generally increased, while the price of bottle caps in China has decreased. Therefore, people are more stimulated to seek new technologies to reduce costs. The compression molding process has the advantages of accurate cap size and shrinkage coefficient of bottle mouth, so it is very important to detect this material. Salmi company has been actively cooperating with Chinese users in the research and development of single-chip caps for hot filling, thus accelerating the process of single-chip caps entering the practical stage

(III) combination cover, a fashionable choice

people still remember that the sports cover of Nongfu mountain spring first appeared in China in 1998. In less than three months, the market was covered with sports. With the changes of time and space and the integration of various cultures, it is inevitable that technological achievements will be displayed in a fashionable way. Therefore, the new combined caps similar to sports caps appear in the gradually fashionable beverage industry in China, which will make the variety of beverage bottle caps in China more colorful

$page break $v. personalized bottle caps have their own advantages

(I) peel off and transfer bottle caps

1. Product features: with the stripping of gaskets, the words on the bottle caps are completely transferred to the gaskets, meeting the needs of the market and customers, and safely carrying out all kinds of award-winning promotional activities. This technology obtained national patent protection in 1999; 2. Scope of application: applicable to beer and beverage industry,

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