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Gazprom said that the oil price would reach $250 in 2009.

Gazprom, the giant of Russia's state-owned energy enterprise, predicted that the price of crude oil would rise to $250 a barrel in 2009

Reuters reported on November 12, 2013 that the CEO of Gazprom, Alexei Miller, said at an event in France at the 2013 titanium dioxide industry annual meeting that the high oil price was not due to speculation, but due to high demand

"we believe that in the near future, the price of oil, which is not what users really need, will rise to $250 a barrel," Miller said. At the same time, he criticized Europe for reducing its dependence on Russia, "dispersing suppliers cannot solve the problem"

analysts believe that the modulus of plastic compounds increases in proportion to the content of long fibers. Taking the oil price of $250 per barrel as a reference, the price of natural gas will also rise to about $1500 per 1000 cubic meters at that time

an analyst believes that Miller's conclusion lacks analysis

Gazprom now shows the analysis and comparison of a group of samples; It supplies a quarter of Europe's natural gas at this stage and is the world's largest natural gas producer

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