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Enterprise development level theory

"enterprise development" is an ambiguous concept. Not only the use of this concept is ambiguous, but also the concept itself is ambiguous. The important reason for the ambiguity of the concept is that there are levels in the development of enterprises. No matter which level of enterprise development is called "enterprise development", the concept of ambiguity is inevitable

there are levels of enterprise development. For example, an enterprise producing a food has increased its annual sales through marketing organization innovation, which can be called "enterprise development". Later, This "enterprise innovates through marketing, that is, it entrusts all its products to a powerful agent to sell, so that the annual sales increase faster, which can also be called" enterprise development ". Then, through product innovation, the enterprise developed B food, which doubled the annual sales, which can still be called" enterprise development " 。 These three kinds of enterprise development are three different levels of enterprise development

every enterprise may achieve different levels of development. This is because every enterprise has different levels of problems. As long as innovation is achieved for different levels of problems, different levels of development can be achieved. Enterprise problems exist at all levels, and development opportunities exist everywhere. We should consciously enhance the awareness of problem levels, pay attention to solving multi-level problems of enterprises, and strive for multi-level development of enterprises

the speed of enterprise development is related to the depth of problem solving. Solving problems at different levels of enterprises has a great impact on development. For example, the manager of a state-owned non-staple food mall firmly believes that by solving the problems of shallow level, that is, daily management, the sales volume of the mall can be increased by a few percent; By solving the problems in the middle level, that is, the business model, the sales volume of shopping malls can increase by tens of percent; By solving the deep-seated and property rights system problems, the sales volume of shopping malls can increase by hundreds of percent

enterprises have different deep-seated problems. Some enterprises' deep-seated problems are system problems, some enterprises' deep-seated problems are mechanism problems, some enterprises' deep-seated problems are technical problems, some enterprises' deep-seated problems are marketing problems, etc. the first review of the draft also stipulates. Therefore, we should be good at starting from reality, seriously looking for the deep-seated problems existing in the enterprise, and strive to solve them. This is the secret of realizing the leap forward development of enterprises

it takes courage to solve the deep-seated problems of enterprises. Any deep-seated problems are problems accumulated over the years, problems that people are used to, and problems that are not easy to solve. There is no doubt about it. It is precisely because it is particularly difficult to solve deep-seated problems that the courage of enterprise leaders is needed. It is difficult to solve deep-seated problems and work; It is difficult to survive and develop without solving deep-seated problems. Every enterprise leader is faced with a basic choice: whether to dare to lead the enterprise to solve deep-seated problems, or to see the enterprise develop slowly, stagnate and even die

solving deep-seated problems of enterprises requires wisdom. The premise of solving the deep-seated problems of enterprises is to find the deep-seated problems of enterprises. Finding deep-seated problems in enterprises is a great challenge to the wisdom of enterprise leaders. Don't think that every enterprise leader can find deep-seated problems. Enterprise leaders who are short-sighted and matter of fact can be seen everywhere. To solve the deep-seated problems of enterprises does not necessarily require spending a lot of money, hard work and great resentment. Instead, efforts should be made to find solutions to (Science), reality, novelty, strangeness and simplicity. This requires the great wisdom of enterprise leaders

strategic consultation is often needed to solve deep-seated problems of enterprises. The real enterprise strategy consultation is aimed at the deep-seated problems of the enterprise. It is to help the enterprise find out the deep-seated problems and provide corresponding, practical, new, unique and special solutions. Enterprise strategy consulting institution 1 Pull off experiment is the knowledge, the skill, the experience and the information. The only advantage is here. Enterprise leaders have dealt with shallow problems for thousands of times, and the growth rate of flame retardants in China has remained at 15% - 20%. They have dealt with middle-level problems for hundreds of times, not many deep-seated problems, and very few special deep-seated problems, even equal to zero. Therefore, consulting with strategic consulting institutions is just a complementary advantage

enterprise competition is the competition of the ability to find and solve problems. The ability to find and solve deep-seated problems of enterprises is a core competitiveness. This kind of ability is the ability that can make the enterprise change significantly, is the ability that affects other abilities of the enterprise, and is the ability that cannot be copied and imitated by others. I wish the majority of national enterprises to rapidly improve this ability

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