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Brief discussion on the development of refrigeration industry in the next five years

wind curtain cabinet the energy-saving design of affordable housing buildings submitted by China's cold chain logistics to the review and filing of construction drawing design must comply with this guidance. It is an emerging technology that is developing rapidly in the manufacturing field that lags behind. Fresh keeping cabinets cause the circulation rate of agricultural products in the cold chain to be only, while the circulation corruption rate of cake cabinets and agricultural products is about, Fruit fresh-keeping cabinets in developed countries such as the United States are more than 95 and less than 5 respectively. It is estimated that the annual circulation corruption value of the main agricultural products in the kitchen freezer is more than 550 billion yuan, and the value of the vertical air cooler, which accounts for about 1.4% of the GDP, is wasted due to the backwardness of the cold chain industry

the cold chain circulation demand CAGR in the next five years is about 18. The main factors driving the development of cold chain logistics have been in place. In the next five years, China's cold chain demand will enter a period of rapid growth, and the industry's compensatory demand will continue in the short term. It is estimated that the cold chain circulation demand CAGR is about 18. After taking into account the update demand, the growth rate of the cold chain equipment industry is expected to be faster

central air conditioning can still maintain an increase of more than 15. Although the air conditioning industry is facing adjustment, the central air conditioning industry, whose demand comes from commercial buildings, public buildings and large villas, is still in the growth period, and the area of commercial real estate built and newly built in the short term is still growing rapidly. We believe that the growth pressure supporting central air conditioning around 15 is not great. At the same time, the industry will be driven by energy efficiency policies and import substitution

driven by policies, water ground source heat pumps are expected to be implemented gradually. Ground source heat pump has been widely used in Sweden, the United States and other developed countries. Because of its good energy conservation and simple and mature technology, there is a huge space for popularization in China. The government has a strong support for the contract energy management mode according to the position of the oil cylinder. There are 1734 energy-saving service companies audited by the state, and the industry is growing explosively. The one-year-old environmental protection plan of water and ground source is still being promoted, and the future growth rate of heat pump is expected to exceed 30. The implementation of energy-saving policies is the initiative

the refrigeration compressor industry has good growth potential. As the core equipment of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment industry, driven by external forces such as cold chain development and energy-saving pressure, its new demand, technology substitution and import substitution demand will be released. The growth rate of the industry is expected to exceed 18 in the next five years, but the industry faces the risk of intensifying competition

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