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Preliminary study on the development of flexographic printing in the western region

with the horn of the western development, as a national development plan, the western development is in full swing. On the one hand, the west is constantly using rich natural resources to develop new products with rich scientific and technological content and high added value. As the "image project" of these new products, product packaging is increasingly showing its importance. Some people even say that packaging is a product, and attractive printing is the key element of retail business success; On the other hand, the environmental governance and protection work in the west is particularly important today, because it directly affects the future living environment of the whole west and even the whole China. Therefore, in the current western region, all walks of life are calling for environmental protection products and green products. Traditional printing methods, such as offset printing and gravure printing, basically rely on some foreign "congenital deficiencies" such as high-strength and extra thick steel plates for an offshore exploration and oil production platform in terms of packaging and printing, or the cost is high, or the environment is polluted, which makes our packaging and printing industry eager for the emergence of a new high-quality and environmental friendly printing method. It is not only necessary to ensure that our packaging and printing is extraordinary, but also to ensure that the cost is reduced, the efficiency is improved And beneficial to environmental protection. In today's printing and packaging field, there is indeed a new printing method emerging, which is flexible printing with the advantages of cost, quality, environmental protection and so on

As we all know, flexographic printing has been fully developed in the United States. Both the manufacturing technology of printing machine and the application technology of flexographic printing itself represent the highest level of flexographic printing. According to statistics, most of the commodity packages seen in the domestic market of the United States are almost flexographic printing products. The market share of flexographic printing accounts for 70% in the field of flexible packaging, 85% in the field of label printing, 98% in the field of corrugated box printing and 25% in the field of carton printing. In Europe, flexographic printing also accounts for 60%, 35%, 85% and 30% of the above packaging market shares respectively. What's more, in the United States, even 20% of newspapers are printed in Flexo

normal> in China, flexographic printing has also achieved rapid development in recent years. According to statistics, the proportion of flexographic printing in various regions of the mainland is roughly: about 50% in South China, about 22.5% in East China, about 22.5% in North China, and about 5% in West China. According to relevant statistics, flexographic printing will have a leap forward development in the first half of the 21st century, because flexographic printing has many advantages over gravure printing and offset printing -- compared with gravure printing, it has short plate making cycle, high overprint accuracy, low price, no pollution, no toxicity, wide printing range, suitable for medium-grade and small batch printing; Compared with offset printing, it has high printing resistance, fast printing speed, no pollution, large printing volume, suitable for large-scale printing, film covering, wire stamping, concave convex die-cutting and so on

normal> see Table 1 for the comparison of the three printing methods

normal> Table 1:

normal> comparison of three printing methods

normal> offset gravure flexographic printing

normal> trial printing substrate paper film, paper, metal foil film, paper, metal foil

normal> good printing quality, thin ink layer, bright color, rich, good and good, ink layer is between offset printing Between gravure printing

normal> strong printing toxicity

normal> short plate making time

normal> low and high plate making cost 3. Maintenance of oil source: low

normal> industrial pollution, pollution, pollution or no pollution


normal> establish a new image of the industry that is green, low carbon and high efficiency. At present, the flexo printing market can be roughly divided into three markets: (1) corrugated paper printing market; (2) Narrow width printing market; (3) Plastic film printing market

normal>1. Corrugated printing market

normal> flexographic printing technology has an absolute advantage in the corrugated printing industry. The quality of flexographic printing cartons is much better than that of ordinary offset printing and hand engraved offset printing cartons. To print high-end cartons, it is best to use flexographic printing, especially flexographic preprint. At present, there are relatively few flexographic printing cartons nationwide, especially in the southwest and northwest regions. However, with the development of economy, the improvement of packaging quality requirements and the extension of economic development from coastal to inland, this market with the greatest potential will be gradually displayed

normal>2. Narrow printing market

normal> narrow printing market refers to the packaging and printing fields such as cigarettes, alcohol and cosmetics. Its printing machines are narrow printing machines, so it is called narrow printing market. In the field of narrow width printing, flexo printing mainly competes with offset printing for the market, such as cigarettes, wine boxes, etc. In fact, products with simple layers and complex lines are most suitable for flexographic printing. Compared with the two, offset printing is more suitable for small batch printing products, while flexo has the advantages of long plate life and fast printing speed. With the reduction of flexo price, flexo printing may be equally divided with offset printing

normal>3. Plastic film printing market

normal> wide width flexographic printing machines for plastic film printing are expensive. At present, there are only a few manufacturers of plastic film printed by flexographic printing machines in China, such as Dalian Danuo, Shanghai Ziquan, tiger, Hainan Yongguang, etc. Its printing products include plastic packaging of food, cosmetics, hygiene products and so on, mainly competing with gravure printing for the market. In the past, plastic packaging was mainly gravure printing, because gravure printing was suitable for large quantities of printing products with complex levels. In this regard, it was difficult for flexo printing and gravure printing to compete for the market. But at present, due to the increase of high-tech content in flexo printing technology, flexo printing has been suitable for high, medium and low-grade printing products, and has been able to compete with gravure printing. As flexo printing is pollution-free and pollution-free, with the development of economy and the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, flexo printing will be more and more widely used. In the United States, the law stipulates that food hygiene products and baby products must be printed with non-toxic and harmless water-based ink, and this requirement can only be met by flexographic printing. In China, especially after China's accession to the WTO, all aspects must be in line with international practices, and the requirements for environmental protection will be higher and higher, which will make the road of flexo printing wider and wider and the development space wider and wider

In recent years, a number of leading enterprises in the corrugated flexo printing market have emerged in Southwest China, such as Sichuan Mianyang Changhong Group carton factory, Ziyang kangdeli Co., Ltd., Mianyang Fengtai packaging industry company, Wenjiang international paper packaging Co., Ltd., Deyang Sichuan today Color Printing Co., Ltd., Chongqing Dingyi International Food Co., Ltd., Kunming Fubao color printing and packaging factory, Their successful experience has proved to people the great advantages and great potential of flexographic cartons

normal> in the flexographic and flexible packaging printing market, the southwest region is also catching up with coastal enterprises. In this field, there have been pioneer enterprises such as Wuliangye Pushi Co., Ltd., Chongqing Huadu Paper Co., Ltd., Kunming Color Printing Co., Ltd., Kunming Wanhong Color Printing Co., Ltd., Guizhou xiongrun printing Co., Ltd., and now a number of emerging enterprises have joined the recent development trend, The development opportunity of flexographic processing fine packaging products in Southwest China has matured

normal> as the saying goes, a skillful woman can't make bricks without straw. Flexographic printing is also inseparable from flexographic plate making, which is one of the key links of flexographic printing. At present, domestic enterprises engaged in flexo plate making can be roughly divided into two categories

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