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Top ten taboos for household appliances

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1. Black and white TV sets should not be switched on and off repeatedly. Because every time they are turned on, the filament of the picture tube will overheat once, which will accelerate its aging.

2. Color TV sets should avoid magnetic field interference. Magnetic objects should not be placed on the top and accessories of color TV sets, let alone tape recorders, speakers and other magnetic objects moving in front of the fluorescent screen, otherwise the parts of the picture tube will be damaged by the influence of the magnetic field Magnetization, so that the color disorder

3. Avoid bending the main shaft of the tape recorder. There is a leading shaft (integrated with the inertia wheel) with very high machining accuracy on the movement of the recorder. If it is used carelessly, the leading shaft will be bent, which will produce a chatter that is difficult to eliminate. Therefore, you must be careful when loading and unloading tapes. In addition, the rubber parts in the recorder should not be oiled, otherwise it will cause rubber aging and slipping, which will increase the mixing

4. The measuring range of the experimental force of the refrigerator: 20n ⑴ 0kn); Oblique. Because the compressor motor uses three shock springs to hang in a sealed metal container to work. Once tilted, there is a risk of decoupling. The lubricating oil inside the compressor may also flow into the refrigeration system, affecting the refrigeration effect. Therefore, in the process of using or handling the refrigerator, never make the inclination angle of the refrigerator greater than 45 degrees, let alone place the refrigerator horizontally

5. Do not pour boiling water into the washing machine. Pouring boiling water is easy to deform the plastic box or plastic components, and it will also cause poor sealing of the impeller shaft, resulting in water leakage. Therefore, when using the washing machine, you should first add cold water and then hot water, and the water surface should not be too high

6. Electric fans should not collide with blades. Fan blade deformation will lead to uneven operation, resulting in small air volume, large vibration and high noise, thus shortening the service life. The deformed fan blade must not be used and must be repaired

7. The electric cooker should not collide with the inner tank. The collision will deform the bottom of the liner and cannot match the electric heating plate well. Sometimes, in order to reduce weight, aluminum alloy and other colored metals and special metals that affect the appearance of the plating layer are also adopted. It is also forbidden to cook acid-base food and use corrosive condiments such as vinegar, salt and alkali, otherwise it will corrode the metal liner and shorten the service life

8. Electric heating mattress should not be folded. Because if the electric heating mattress is often folded, the resistance wire will break, resulting in short circuit or open circuit. The electric heating mattress will not heat in light cases, and its insulation performance will be reduced in severe cases, and even an electric shock accident will occur

9. Empty burning of electric kettle is the most taboo. Because if there is no water in the electric kettle, the temperature of the electric heat pipe heater will rise sharply and the electric heat pipe heater will be burned, and the imported pump will even have an accident

10. It is most forbidden to put the battery in the machine when the Walkman is not in use. Because the battery is placed in the machine for a long time, it will corrode the inside of the machine, especially the pocket machine is small and the device density is high. Once the circuit is corroded, it is difficult to repair

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